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  • Сonsumer payment behavior
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We believe that consumers’ payment behavior is the most reliable intelligence for businesses and investors. To improve their strategic decision-making we transform billions of transactions into actionable business insights.

Get the essence of market opportunities easier than a weather forecast on our instantly updated analytical platform.

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How big is your market share?

Win the market by accessing actionable metrics through narrative and instantly updated analytical platform.

Both market leaders and startups ought to get straight what is happening in their niche.

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What’s your competitors' revenue and the average check this week?

Competitive intelligence provides you with your competitors’ key performance indicators and forms the basis for data-driven management decisions.

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How loyal are your customers?

Get the grounded insights on consumers’ behavior in your competitors’ points of sale, monitor the effectiveness of their marketing activities and optimize your own advertising campaigns.

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What district of the city is preferable for a new POS sales-wize?

In e-commerce and retail we can analyze the market by day or month with reference to the point of sale, brand, region or country. Track your POS revenue and find growth points, follow regional trends and expand your presence in new markets.

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What can be your next best deal?

Obtain information on companies’ turnover and overall trends in various market niches for effective investment.

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Real-time validated and reliable data in the service of decision-making


Transactional data-collaboration is a driving force of our business. We build a unique ecosystem where traditional banks or fintechs share with us billions of anonymized cardholders’ transactions in the most safe and efficient way.

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Improve your strategic decision-making with actionable market insights generated by our powerful analytical ecosystem.

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