About Us

Team with strong STEM background

With our expertise in mathematics, analytics and marketing we have successfully launched fintech products and now are disrupting the market research industry.


OpenBusiness Analytics is a startup with headquarters in New York, successfully operating on the European market.

Due to our strong expertise in market research and with the help of our proprietary algorithm we aggregate and analyze anonymized purchase transactional data enabling businesses, banks and investors to answer real-time questions on companies’ performance and consumer behavior.

We combine the power of transactional data collaboration with a unique extrapolation method to provide our clients with the most accurate metrics of any retail company. On the other hand OpenBusiness Payment Behavior Analysis Ecosystem creates new revenue streams for traditional banks and fintech companies by monetizing their data and provides actionable market insights for investment funds.


Our founders

In 2018-2019 successful entrepreneurs with profound expertise in marketing research & retail banking - Yuliya Lakatkova and experienced architect level developer Vitaliy Volosiuk have launched an automated financial assistant “PingFin”.

Free app had considerable success with users. Later analyzing transactional data, the team gradually came up with the idea of creating an analytical platform for businesses and investors, which provides real-time companies’ performance, competitive intelligence & consumer payment behavior insights based on billions of anonymized transactions.