Measure the results and opportunities to win the market

With the help of our analytics ecosystem our first adopters find power in data and get a strategic advantage. Each day more and more companies rely on our platform to optimize their performance and unlock their full potential. We assist companies of any size to accelerate on the markets.

Big brands

Track your market share in real time and evaluate the drawdown of competitors in terms of sales and in your region.

Growing businesses

Grow your business using market leaders' sales insights, analyze the payment behavior of big brands’ customers to gain their loyalty.


Make your investment decision in retail companies based on insights about a particular niche, analyze the dynamics of sales of any market player you are interested in.


Increase the level of your expertise and the value of your services by working with unique data. Create a quality data-driven strategy for your key customers.


Use the new data source to track your franchise revenue and find growth points, monitor regional trends and expand your presence in new markets.

Landlords & Developers

Analyze the dynamics of retail brand turnover for increasing your income, efficient tenant selection and planning of commercial real estate construction.

Why do the clients choose us?

Our clients and we are united by the desire to be at the forefront of analytical innovations.


Our clients can easily get any information about how our analytics is created and how our transaction hub operates.


Our clients and partners directly set the vector of development of our analytical platform. We expand and supplement analytical metrics based on our transactional data for specific (customized) requests from businesses.


In tandem with our clients and partners we create the future of market research.

Test it now and be ahead

Transactional data-collaboration is a driving force of our business. We build a unique ecosystem where traditional banks or fintechs share with us billions of anonymized cardholders’ transactions in the most safe and efficient way.

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