Payment Behavior Analytics Ecosystem

Unique ecosystem which revitalizes each transaction you generate

Data collaboration is a powerful force multiplier for OpenBusiness Analytics Ecosystem. We build a unique ecosystem where banks, payment systems and fintechs become our data partners and provide us with billions of anonymized transactions.

Our automated expert system turns unstructured anonymized purchase transactional data into high-precision analytics for businesses and investors.

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How does Payment Behavior Analytics Ecosystem operate?

>1 500 000 000

Anonimized transactions collected and analysed in 2021

The values that guide us and Data Partners

Free access to market insights

Data partners get unlimited access to the market and payment behavior insights and use this to improve their own business. Get insights on the financial state of corporations & SME by using retail sales analytics to assess the risks of crediting and identify business financing needs easier.

Constant revenue sharing

Revenue share option allows our data partners to monetize transactions every time they are used for analytical reports. Each depersonalized transaction transmitted by our partners to the Payment Behavior Analytics Ecosystem is assigned a unique ID, which is used to assess the frequency of its use in the formation of analytics packages for platform clients.

Principles that makes us unique

At OpenBusiness we understand how important and sensitive customer payment behavior data is. That is why we adhere to five basic principles:


The data partners transmit to us information that does not violate the interests or commercial secrets of our clients' companies.


We work only with anonymized transactions and, in addition to all necessary measures to ensure security of storing the data, we guarantee that the data is stored and treated in such a way that it cannot be matched with the person who made the payments.


Any issuing bank or fintech company that accumulates the transaction history of users on its applications or platforms can join our Payment Behavior Analytics Ecosystem. The connection can be completely remote. All documents can be provided upon the first request.


Partnership with OpenBusiness is more than an opportunity to quickly monetize transactional data. Our data partners can use the data of the transaction hub for free for scoring their corporate clients, as well as offer corporate clients access to the platform on special conditions.


OpenBusiness leads global qualitative transformation of market research.

We believe that a sustainable future is in perfect equilibrium of supply and demand enabled by instant decision making based on reliable data. Our mission is to make this match.

How to become a partner?


Any company that legally accumulates data on non-cash transactions of individuals and can transfer them via encrypted channels to the Payment Behavior Analytics Ecosystem can become a data partner of OpenBusiness.

Data partners transfer only anonymized transactions to the OpenBusiness Payment Behavior Analytics Ecosystem, ensuring strict compliance with the requirements of the personal data protection legislation.

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Monetize transactional data instead of just storing it

Every day we aggregate and process millions of transactions of real buyers. This allows us to create the most realistic picture of consumer preferences in relation to retail brands, to assess the prospects for the development of various segments of business.

By providing businesses with access to unique analytics in real-time, we and our data partners form a new window of opportunity for each individual company.

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