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We are a team of marketers, data scientists, engineers and other technical experts empowering people to discover stories in data.

About the company

We create mainstream instead of joining it

Open Business Analytics is a startup with headquarters in New York which provides analytical tools for banks, businesses and investors based on consumers’ transactional data.

Our vision is to be the first data analytical ecosystem which helps find a true equilibrium between supply and demand.

4 amazing facts
about us

2023 - Accessed the EU market. Shortlisted as top 10 High-Potential startups in EBRD Start Venture program 2023, securing their global support.
Our advanced ML algorithms and unique methodology for merging consumers' transactional data has positioned OBA in the fast-growing alternative data market, projected to exceed $143B by 2030.
Pitched to New York Angels (February, 2020)
Raised pre-seed at the end of 2019 from Starta Ventures (NYC)
The problem we solve

The lack of recent and reliable data is crucial for businesses and investors

They spend billions on market research and trends analysis, but get outdated information from traditional marketing agencies.

Polls and interviews, clicks, likes and reviews are expensive, time consuming and losing credibility.

Made in local market, scale world wide

OpenBusiness solution

Powerful payment behavior analytics ecosystem provides real-time companies’ performance, competitive intelligence & consumer insights based on billions of anonymized cardholders transactions.

We make money on every analyzed transaction and generate insight and see the potential to open a new revenue stream based on customization.

Key advantages

High potential for scaling and technological readiness to launch rapidly in any region

Proprietary unique data analysis algorithm to be granted for patenting

Stable data ecosystem independent of a single partner

Market potential

We address our product to the most promising part of the market

  • Market expected to recover and grow at a CAGR of 4.1% from 2021 and reach $82.87 billion in 2023
  • North America is the largest region in the global market research services market (32.5% of the total)
  • The FMCG market research services market is the largest segment (29.9% of the total)
  • The top ten competitors in the market made up to 26.34%

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Please contact Yulia Lakatkova at or use the form below. For media inquiries please contact Irina Rusanova at

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