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The most comprehensive story about market trends, companies performance and consumer behavior based on billions of anonymized transactions presented through real-time analytical platform.


Narrative analytics for effective decision-making in an intuitive interface

  • More than 20 metrics for market study, competitive intelligence, growth strategy and consumer behavior analysis
  • Excellent quality companies’ performance prediction (up to 10% error)
  • Point of sale, brand, region or country references
  • 24/7 updates

Analytical platform that lets you look inside thousands of companies and brands

We give smart tools to unlock key business metrics, analyse trends in real time, evaluate uncertainty pressure on companies:

Sales volume

A set of metrics that allows to determine the true position of a business with regard to its competitors through key sales indicators.

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Potential sales volume

An indicator that directly reflects the success of a particular POS or brand as a whole.

Number of unique customers

This metric will help you estimate how many unique customers the company has and how often they make purchases per day, week and month.

Number of transactions

The total number of purchases, in other words, the demand that buyers have for goods or services at a particular point of sale.


Sales Efficiency

A set of metrics that allows you to evaluate the effectiveness of marketing in comparison with competitors by such indicators as average check, customer retention and LTV.

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The average check

The size of the average сheck reflects consumers' satisfaction and their willingness to part with money at certain stores.

Customer retention

Customer retention refers to the ability of a company or product to retain its customers for a certain period. High customer retention means that the company's customers tend to come back, keep buying, or otherwise not move on to another product or business.


Focusing on the "Lifetime value" indicator, you will be able to estimate the average revenue that a customer will generate throughout lifespan as your customer. This 'worth' of a customer can help determine many economic decisions including marketing budget, resources, profitability and forecasting.

Revenue per customer

This metric measures the amount of money that a company can expect to generate from an individual customer. It is an integral component of an effective marketing and financial strategy.

Customer analysis

A set of metrics that provides useful insights into the payment behavior of your and your competitors' customers, their spending patterns and how often and where they shop.

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Consumer segmentation based on their spending

The indicator allows you to see the distribution of the consumers within the brand, considering the characteristics of the monthly payment cards spending. Here we use our own clustering algorithm.

Brand customer spending structure

The metric allows you to track how much customers of different income categories spend on different categories of goods and services (supermarkets, clothing, shoes, car fuel), considering customer segmentation based on their non-cash expenditures. Useful for marketing collaborations with other brands and for accurate advertising targeting.

Share of wallet

Share of wallet (SOW) is the amount an existing customer spends regularly on a particular brand rather than buying from competing brands in the same product category.

Audience intersection metrics

A set of metrics that allows you to see your and your competitors’ audience overlap. You can understand where your customers have shopped “before” and “after” their purchases in your brand's network, track the dynamics in your and competitors’ audience overlap. It also allows you to estimate the level of potential sales within the brand or a specific store.


By monitoring consumer payment behavior particularly interesting for your brand it is easy to determine a list of concrete brands from different industries for effective marketing collaboration to attract more potentially loyal customers.

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Transactional data-collaboration is a driving force of our business. We build a unique ecosystem where traditional banks or fintechs share with us billions of anonymized cardholders’ transactions in the most safe and efficient way.

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